The common perception is that attorneys have one of the highest salaries of any profession. Although this is typically the case, it is not the only criterion determining a lawyer's pay.

For instance, general practitioners of law and attorneys who focus on a particular field of law have differing median incomes. This is analogous to the many medical subspecialties and associated salaries.

Joe Jamail, a native of Houston, Texas, is the highest-paid lawyer in the United States. He became famous in the legal community for winning landmark cases with which other attorneys had trouble.

He is notorious for his vigorous, forceful lobbying. He employs various strategies taught in law school but is seldom employed in practice to get into his opponents' thoughts.

He even performed for the panel of judges at one point. He attempted to score with the Texaco board chairman during a trial against Pennzoil by having his pal, Judge Krist, stand in the corner and scream and yell.

He has taken on and defeated corporate giants, becoming the country's most prominent personal injury attorney. The media has mostly praised his efforts.

Lisa Madigan, a former senator and attorney general of Illinois, earns more than any other lawyer in the nation. After a lengthy stint in public service, she is now a litigation partner with Kirkland & Ellis's Chicago office.

As an attorney, Madigan has fought for the rights of consumers and championed causes of social equality. She has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for Illinois by negotiating nationwide settlements with major banks for predatory lending.

In her efforts to safeguard Illinoisans, she has also championed the cause of open government, defended the elderly against financial predators, and pushed for changes in the gaming sector. She has also advocated for expanding civil liberties and protections against discrimination.

Furthermore, Madigan has battled for the rights of Illinois citizens to be safe from exploitative utility corporations. As a result of her efforts, more than $2.1 billion was returned to consumers from utility corporations that had overcharged them or otherwise acted unfairly.

Thomas Mesereau is among the best-paid attorneys in the nation. Of the numerous famous people he has represented, Michael Jackson's 2005 child molestation trial stands out as his most notable case.

He is well-known for defending wealthy landowners against criminal allegations, including mortgage fraud. He has been honored as "Trial Lawyer of the Year" and has triumphed in several jury cases.

Mesereau is well-known for pro bono work after gaining notoriety for successfully representing high-profile offenders. Each year, he takes on at least one death penalty case for a client in the Deep South who would otherwise go to jail or be sent on death row if he did not accept their case at a free legal clinic he co-founded.

Vernon Jordan is a top choice if you're looking for a lawyer. A native of Georgia, he attended and graduated from the Howard University School of Law.

He became a trusted adviser to President Bill Clinton after working for many civil rights groups. Jordan was an informal advisor to the former president during the Monica Lewinsky incident.

He served as the NAACP chapter in Georgia's field secretary early in his career. In Augusta, he spearheaded a boycott of businesses that refused to employ black people and coordinated voter registration efforts throughout the South.

After settling in Arkansas, he quickly rose through the ranks of the Southern Regional Council. The Voter Education Initiative, which he later directed, successfully registered voters in eleven southern states.

He also held the positions of president of the National Urban League and executive director of the United Negroe College Fund. After being attacked by a bigot and almost dying in 1980, he eventually recovered. Akin Gump, a legal and lobbying firm in Washington, DC, hired him afterward.

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